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Congratulations to the 2023 ALRS Champion Justin Oplinger! Congratulation to all of the other drivers who ran in 2023-points finishing positioins:  2nd Ethan Elder...3rd Andon Mendenhall...4th Ryan Todd...5th Matthew Davey...6th Clay Abbott...7th Alyssa Mendenhall...8th Jackson Sparks...9th Abigal Brewer...10th Richard Parker...11th Easton Brewer...12th Devan Mello...13th Jusin Taylor...14th Caleb Wolford...15th Ryan Mendenhall......Thanks to all tracks, families, sponsor, car owners, drivers, crews........................
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2023 Points

Pos Driver Pts
1 J.Oplinger 1218
2 E.Elder 1148
3 An.Mendenhall 1103
4 R.Todd 924
5 M.Davey 801
6 C.Abbott 745
7 Al.Mendenhall 232
8 J.Sparks 222
9 A.Brewer 193
10 R.Parker 178
11 E.Brewer 173
12 D.Mello 158
13 J.Taylor 94
14 C.Wolford 74
15 R.Mendenhall 69








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