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Winner at Florence Motor Speedway-Andon Mendenhall P2 Matthew Davey P3 Ethan Elder P4 Ryan Todd P5 Bobby Mares P6 Caleb Harris P7 Levi Smothers P8 Chris Torrence P9 Cohen Harris....next race for the Touring Series is at Dillon Motor Speedway on April 6th.............................................................

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The Legacy Race Series

Timeline of the Series
The Series

The Allison Legacy Touring Series offers a professional to intermediate racing program.  This unique and innovative program attracts drivers, new and old, with or without experience, and has proven to be a valuable stepping stone for drivers looking to further a racing career.

“It’s important to offer a program for everybody who wants to be involved,” explained Kenny Allison.  “We are growing as a series and as a promotional outlet.  Drivers are able to get valuable exposure and experience with our program that can contribute to furthering a racing career.  At the same time, people who want to get into racing just for fun can maintain and operate the car in this series on a minimal budget, and with little or no experience.”

There are 13 Touring Races scheduled for 2024 at seven different race tracks in the Carolinas. The tracks are: Florence Motor Speedway, Dillon Motor Speedway, Hickory Motor Speedway, Orange County Speedway, Caraway Speedway, Carteret Speedway and a new track this year is New River All American Speedway in Jacksonville, NC.

Membership and license to drive in the Allison Legacy race series is $140.00 per year.  That is for car owners or drivers or a combination of a car owner/driver. Crew members are $90 each. In the case of different crew members at different tracks, there is a temporary single event license that they must get and it is $10. There are entry fees for all of the Touring races and they are $50 each race.  A purse is paid for each race to all drivers. 

Tires cost around $146 each and can be used for more than one race.   The engines are sealed and the only thing one can do to them is change the jets and timing.

The only way to make sure that everything is legal on the car you may be purchasing is to bring it here to the Allison Brothers shop for them to check it over. You can email to legacycars@aol.com.  There is a car registration form also that will need to be completed each year. Cost is $10. All cars have a serial number and they are registered by that number and  the engine number is registered also.

If the driver or anyone on the team is under 19 years old, they must fill out minor releases for CompCar. 

Check the website at www.allisonlegacy.com for more info or email to legacycars@aol.com with any questions.

Our 2005 ALRS Champion won the Daytona 500 in 2011 and our 2009 ALRS Champion won the Rookie of the Year Honors in the Nationwide Series in 2011 and many of the Legacy Series drivers are racing in Late Models and other series around the country. 2010 Champion Justin Allison ARCA driver won Pocono in 2014. Daniel Hemric was the 2021 Xfinity Champion now racing in NASCAR Cup. and John Hunter Nemecheck drove for Chip Ganassi in the Xfinity Series in 2018 and is now racing in Xfinity and NASCAR Cup races. Gus Dean has won the ARCA Daytona race in 2024.                                                                      March, 2024- Gus Dean won the ARCA Daytona race. John Hunter Nemecheck won the Xfinity race at Las Vegas in 2024 and the series only two time champion, Chad McCumbee has won a feature CARS Tour race at Hickory Motor Speedway. Legacy series champions and graduates.........

The Series Structure

There is a Touring Series and all races are sanctioned by CompCar of NC, Inc. and a rigid set of rules are in place. The points system remains the same as when the series was started.

 CompCar of NC.Inc. (the sanctioning body of the series)  Overview

CompCar of NC is the Official Sanctioning Body racing Allison Legacy Cars in the U.S., Canada, and other international venues.  CompCar of NC is responsible for constructing and maintaining rules that are fair and just to all competitors.  Further, CompCar of NC oversees and enforces regulations involving safety and competitor conduct during racing events. This is accomplished by CompCar of NC direct supervision and/or regional directors.

A short rules list is provided below.  A complete rulebook is available by mailing a request to:

CompCar of NC, Inc.
7920 Statesville Blvd.
Salisbury, NC 28147.

Rulebook Highlights
The rules and/or regulations set forth in the CompCar of NC, Inc. rulebook are designed to provide for orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the conditions of all Legacy Car events. I t is ultimately the obligation of each participant to insure that their conduct and equipment comply with all applicable CompCar rules, as they may be amended from time to time. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with the rules and regulations.  The rules and regulations are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee by CompCar of NC, Inc. or any other person or entity against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.

No pretense is made of having designed a foolproof set of rules and regulations.  The spirit and intent of the rules contained within the rulebook are going to be the standards by which Allison Legacy Car racing will be guided.  Event officials are authorized to decide if an equipment change is an attempt to beat the rules.  This can and will disqualify an entry in violation of the spirit and intent of these rules.


Race Procedures
Race procedures may vary from event to event, including inspection, practice, the lining up of cars and the race. CompCar of NC Officials will notify competitors of the race procedures at each event.  Penalties
Any competitor who violates CompCar of NC rules is subject to be penalized, disqualified, fined, suspended, or ejected at the discretion of CompCar of NC Officials.
Any competitor who violates CompCar of NC rules is subject to be penalized, disqualified, fined, suspended, or ejected at the discretion of CompCar of NC Officials.
Specification Rules
  • The term "stock" in the rule book refers to the specification of, form of, and materials of all pieces that make up the construction of a Legacy car as manufactured new by Allison Brothers Inc. and received from Allison Brothers Inc. by authorized distributors, dealers and retail customers.
  • Engine - All engine parts and accessories, internal and external, must remain stock and in stock location.  The only engine permitted for any CompCar of NC/Allison Legacy event, including practice, qualifying, and races is the stock Mazda B2200, 2.2 liter, piston, overhead cam engine.  The engine must have the fully visible engine serial number.  The engine serial number must be registered with CompCar of NC or Allison Brothers Race Cars, Inc. before any event. The engine and engine parts must remain sealed in the CompCar of NC designated seal areas in the stock manner with stock seals. Engine seals cannot be altered or tampered with in any way.  Any violation of any engine rule will result in possible fines and suspensions.
  • Car Weight - All cars weighed for CompCar of NC Allison Legacy events will be weighed with the driver.  Cars will be weighed on the official CompCar of NC scales used at the time of inspection.  Weight specifications with the driver will be as follows:  All cars must be fully fueled at weight-in.  Total Car Weight: Minimum Weight/1655 lbs. Left Side Percentage: Maximum left side weight/56%.
  • Fuel Type - Only automotive gasoline is allowed.  Absolutely no additives of any kind can be added to gasoline.  Regular Unleaded 87 Octane is recommended for best performance. The Touring Series has specified that Track fuel must be used.
  • All car owners, drivers, crew members, and persons entering the pit area must be members of CompCar of NC, Inc.

For additional information or rule interpretation, email legacycars@aol.com

Campaign Cost

Approximate cost per race to campaign an Allison Legacy car is minimal compared to other professional racing series. Tires, fuel, oil and most of the other normal maintenance items associated with a race car plus travel expense sets the cost per race. Once the car is set up to a driver’s particular style or liking it becomes very low maintenance and can be easily serviced by an individual with normal mechanical skills.

More To Come

The Legacy Series is a family series. The Allison Family has taken their experience in the sport and focused it to put the fun back in racing, while promoting a professional, exciting series. For more information on the Allison Legacy Race Series, email legacycars@aol.com

2024 Points

Pos Driver Pts
1 A.Mendenhall 104
2 M.Davey 99
3 E.Elder 94
4 R.Todd 89
5 B.Mares 84
6 Ca.Harris 79
7 L.Smothers 74
8 C.Torrence 69
9 Co.Harris 64








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